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I live in the country and my nearest city is a couple of train hours away so I don't get to do this every day. But when I do, oh my. I wander for hours, very slowly, stopping often to observe a scene, a person, a location or simply the mood and the light. Whether it's a solitary figure strolling down Salzburg's usually bustling Getreidegasse or cycling across the beautiful Residenzplatz or a busy station or street in Bolzano, it's always about the people and the feeling I get from watching them, wondering about them. We miss so much as we hurry through our daily lives. This is my way of slowing things down whilst retaining the movement and the feeling. A photograph, you know, can always be so much more than the physical reproduction of a scene and my aim is to make it shimmer, to make it dance and to make it sing. I do all this with my camera, the images are edited normally and there  are no special effects added later, not ever.

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