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Multiple Exposure workshops are held over a 3-day weekend in Salzburg, Austria, the city of Mozart and magnificence, of friendliness and flair and will teach you a whole new way of looking at the world. You will be hooked!

Watch this space for a very exciting collaboration with one of the biggest big names in photography !

What you will learn:

  • What ME is and why I prefer to create images in camera and not in post processing

  • How ME  can be used to completely transform a scene

  • What equipment you need - camera, lenses, focal lengths

  • What factors are involved in making a good ME photo

  • Composition

  • Light

  • Moment

  • How to find scenes that work as ME photos

  • How to decide how many exposures to shoot

  • What the blend modes mean and how to choose which one to use

  • Camera settings 

  • Observation of a scene and looking at colour/black and white in an ME image. It’s not the same as in a single focused shot, not at all

  • Post processing


2023 Dates:

Friday 4th - Sunday 6th June - SOLD OUT

Friday 15th - Sunday 17th September.

Friday November 3rd - Sunday November 5th

Price: 550 euros per person.  Bring a friend and both get 25 euros off the price or book during April 2023 and get 10% off the price ! 300 euros is payable on booking, with the remainder due one month before the workshop  begins. Terms & Conditions apply and will be sent to you prior to your booking confirmation. 



Participants: Maximum number 6. Minimum number 3.

Aimed at: Complete beginners

You will need :

  • A DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that has the capability of shooting up to 9 multiple exposures.

  • Preferably a a zoom lens of around 18-55mm or around 35mm or 50mm prime lens (Full frame equivalents are 24-70mm zoom or 50mm/75mm)  prime lenses). I shoot multiple exposure with either the XPro3 or XT4, but almost always use the 16-55mm f2.8 zoom lens to give me more options

  • Memory cards and spare batteries bring several of each, you will need them!

  • Sturdy walking boots and comfortable clothing

  • Weather protection for both you and your camera - we will shoot come rain or shine 

  • Laptop or tablet for editing with usually download adaptors and cables

  • A sense of humour and a little patience, Rome wasn't built in a day!

What is included:

  • All tuition including evening sessions for feedback and editing 

  • A farewell drink on the Sunday afternoon

What is not included:

  • The cost of your journey to and in and around Salzburg

  • Your accommodation

  • Your meals and drinks 

  • Travel Insurance for accidents or insurance for your gear. Please ensure you have travel insurance!



Arrival Day:

Arrive anytime before the workshop begins at 12 noon on Friday. 

Day One (Friday): Learning about in-camera multiple exposure

We will begin by  learning about the optimum cameras and lenses and get to grips with how to set up our cameras. We'll then talk about camera settings, how to choose how many exposes to shoot and the all important and often confusing blend modes that will become tools in your armoury when shooting ME in any setting. We will break for a late lunch  and then head out into the city to shoot. I will always be on hand to guide each person as needed. 

Day Two (Saturday): Observation

You might  know how to spot a good scene, but ME is very different to  shooting one single exposure. What do you  want to express with your image? What's in front of you and of what you want to shoot? Do the colours fit? Is the scene too cluttered? Is there a good composition here? What's the best angle and when should you shoot or wait? Should you shoot colour or black and white? What would be the best blend mode for the scene you're looking at and how many exposures should would suit it best? Editing will make up a portion of the time before dinner today.

Day Three (Sunday): Off You Go!

Up early today and I'm cutting you loose to roam the city and put into practice everything you've learned. I will always be on hand if you need help and we will meet for an early lunch to discuss how it's going. You'll head back out after lunch with a specific task and come back plenty of time to grab a drink at my favourite bar for a review and a round up of the three days together. The workshop will end around 3pm to allow you ample time to head to the airport or station to begin your journey home.



Create art you can be proud of!

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