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People are and have always been my first love. Eight billion of us, each completely unique and yet there is still so much that unites us. Far more, I am sure, than that which divides us.


Feet Under The Seat is a project I undertook in the coronavirus lockdown of winter 2020/21 and subsequently published as a book. I learned so much by focusing in on my fellow passengers during these months, observing them, talking to them and photographing their feet, which tell stories all of their own. 

A Show of Hands is an ongoing candid project, centred around my fascination with hands, as expressive as any face. I take my Fujifilm X-Pro3 with me everywhere I go and I find these hands in buses, on trains, in cafes and bars.


Character Portraits I offer to those who seek an authentic photograph of themselves or a person they love. The photographs are taken using natural light and in a very informal setting such a cafe or the person's home, wherever they feel comfortable really. But first we chat, about anything and everything that will allow me a glimpse of the real person behind the everyday mask we all wear when talking to strangers, particularly one with a camera in her hand! Soon I begin to see repeated facial expressions, movements or mannerisms. I begin to discover if the person is serious or humorous and maybe what moves them. Only then do I begin to photograph as we continue to talk. My aim is always to make just one or two pictures that the person and everyone who knows them well will instantly recognise as the essence of who they are, not just what they look like! My editing process is simple, involving contrast, tonal edits, light and shadows, but no removal of the wrinkles, scars, moles or other unique and beautiful features of life in that face. Society already has too much influence over our appearance and I refuse to be a part of it. Me, I'm keeping it real!

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