Shoot My Life is family photography based on the premise that NOTHING IS BETTER THAN REAL LIFE! That means I spend anywhere between 4 - 72 hrs with you and work really hard to capture the real moments, the real interactions and the real emotions of your family life. I don't direct you in ANY way because my job is to remain true to reality. I will capture the fun, the meltdowns, the laughter, the love, the fights and the tender moments. The wonderful messy everyday to the major life events from birth to death. THESE are the images you, your kids and their kids will look at in years to come and smile as you remember, "Yeah, my mum always used to look at me that way!" or "Wow, when I was little I reacted the exact same way to having my hair brushed/eating broccoli/ being told 'no' as my child does!" Isn't it better, more meaningful, to look at photos of how people felt than at a bunch of folks just smiling for the camera?

That brings us to who this is for. If you're looking for traditional posed shots, whether in the studio or outside, then I'm not the photographer you're looking for. If you'd prefer an accurate portrayal of your family, of how you laughed, loved and sometimes cried, then we should fit well together. There is also an option of a 2 hour shoot which is a little more directed and includes very natural individual and family portraits plus more than an hour of me shooting in a very candid way while you have fun in the garden or at the park, on the mountain or at the beach. All in all, if you nodded your head at NOTHING IS BETTER THAN REAL LIFE, I'd love to talk to you about a shoot. Contact me, yes, right now. Let's do this!


A surprise shot, she was hiding behind a wendy house window


I have a special love for telling stories across generations


It's very simple:

1. You email me with your requirements. Date, location, amount of time and any other specifics or wishes.

2. We discuss and agree the details.

3. You pay a 30% non-refundable deposit. Two weeks before the shoot you pay the balance.

4. Where possible, we meet a few days prior to the shoot and talk about the what, when, where, who and how. I do this to ensure we all know what will happen on the day. I don't like stress any more than you do and preparation is everything.  If it's not feasible to meet, then we email or chat some other way.

5. The day of the shoot. If it's a 6 hr plus at home shoot then I'll more than likely spend the evening before with you all so we can get used to each other before I bring out the camera. Trust and familiarity are vital for a successful shoot. 

6. I edit your images and either present them in person if distance permits or send them to you via We Transfer.



1. Fun & Games - Have 2 hours of fun doing whatever you like and let me tell the story. 


  • 25-35 individually edited, high resolution images delivered via WeTransfer.

  • One 20 x 30cm Hahnemühle Fine Art Print (unframed) delivered to your home address via courier.

2. A Window in Time - 4-6 hours starting anytime between 8am-4pm. A slightly more in depth family life session.


  • 40-60 individually edited high resolution images delivered via WeTransfer.

  • One 30 x 45cm & one 20 x 30cm Hahnemühle Fine Art Print (unframed) delivered to your home address via courier.

3. A Day in the Life - 8-12 hours starting anytime between 8 and 11am. Let me tell the intimate story of who you are as a family. A great gift for you and for future generations.


  • 60-90 individually edited high resolution images delivered via WeTransfer.

  • One 30 x 45cm Hahnemühle Fine Art Print (unframed) delivered to your home address via courier.

  • One 20x30cm coffee table photo book

4. Special Life Events and Holidays - Pure documentary photo coverage of special life events such as birth, bringing baby home from hospital, saying goodbye to loved ones, birthdays etc. Expect candid photos of people being themselves. It's real life, not posed. 

For the ultimate in documentary family stories, I can also accompany you on a mini holiday for up to 72 hours.

Obviously prices depend on the amount of time involved but are not necessarily proportionate because I don't charge by the hour. Mail me for details, you might be pleasantly surprised! 


Please note: I'm not a wedding photographer and I don't shoot boudoir or erotica, sorry!


Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Austria, anytime, just mail me to check I'm available. No travel expenses payable, this is where I live but you pay for my cable car ticket for a mountain shoot.

Zell am See area, Austria - anytime, just mail me to check I'm available. No travel expenses payable, this is close to where I live but you pay for my cable car ticket should you choose a mountain shoot.

Kitzbühel, Austria - anytime, just mail me to check I'm available. No travel expenses payable, this is close to where I live. 

Salzburg, Austria - anytime, just mail me to check I'm available. €65 travel expenses payable.

Bolzano, Merano, Italy - by prior arrangement. Mail me, I adore this area! €200 expenses for travel and 1 & overnight stay payable.

Germany - by prior arrangement. Mail me, I love Germany! €200 expenses for travel & 1 overnight stay payable.

UK, by prior arrangement - this is my home country! Flight expenses plus overnight accommodation costs.

USA - get some friends together so I have a few shoots and let's do it! Flight expenses plus accommodation costs.

*Please note - In Bolzano & Merano, Germany, UK and USA I can only accept bookings of at least 4 hours*.