There is not one among us who is a fully formed human being, photographer, writer or whatever. We are all imperfect versions of the person or creator we wish to become.  And that's a good thing. The imperfection keeps us grounded, teaches us to laugh at ourselves, keeps us learning, changing, striving to be better at what we do and who we are. This is a process which takes time - as anything good or worthwhile surely must - but along the way we face challenges, experiences, meet people and go places which each add their part to our ever evolving and necessarily unique whole. As one who has lived more than 40 years with a hearing difficulty, I can tell you that I see and I perceive far more than I hear. I read each situation from the interaction of those involved. I don't listen, I watch and I feel and in my work that enables me to go deeper. I'm just not interested in superficiality! If you're interested in talking to me about a project involving photographic storytelling please just send me an email to throughalexseyes@gmail.com  anytime.

I live with my two Spanish rescue dogs in a small but beautiful ski resort in the mountains of Austria and speak and write both in my native English and in German. Let's talk, We have stories to tell and I tell my stories ANYWHERE!




I'm a ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) photographer and trainer. I love the freedom this gives me to use my camera to create something extraordinary out of every day life scenes. I also love how these images are interpreted by each person differently, something it's almost impossible to do with a focused image, and I love teaching others to use their cameras in a whole new way. This is fun with a capital F and me and my Fuji will be travelling a lot in the coming year, spreading the love and the fun of ICM!

Join me!

I'm a documentary photographer too, a visual story teller. I love to shoot things in a candid, non posed way in order to tell a story. Whether it's a family at the park, the day in the life of a business or people on holiday, I love to tell the stories of what people do, essentially of human moments. I like to capture emotion in my images, be it positive or negative, because life is like that. An incredible, beautiful and sometimes traumatic rollercoaster ride.

Let me tell your story!