What is a character portrait?

When I began my photographic journey, I was absolutely determined not to get involved with portrait work. I thoroughly dislike the fact that society attempts to dictate how we should look, behave, react and what we should watch, drive and wear. It’s not real and does untold damage to our psyches! So, for a long time, I stayed away, but I am and have always been a people person and eventually, I found myself itching to get back to that individual closeness, I just didn’t know how.

And then, at the beginning of 2018, I discovered character portraits. Such portraits differ from traditional portraits in one crucial respect: a character portrait photographer does not attempt to make his/her subject outwardly beautiful by editing out lines and other completely normal facial details, rather by attempting to capture and depict the essence of the person. The results so far have been astonishing – my clients are delighted and just last week one lady commented, „I feel like you’ve photographed my soul.“

Such results, however, require time. I need to sit and just chat to my subject for as long as it takes to get a feel for them and their character. We all have an expression, a gesture, a look that is absolutely typical of who we are and that’s one of the things I’m looking for. If friends and family are able to look at the finished portrait and immediately react with, ‚Oh that’s so Margit or so Helmuth‘, I know I’ve done what I set out to do.
One thing I’ve learned is that these portraits are not (yet) for everyone. There are still (far too) many who see their lines and blemishes as undesirable instead of a celebration of a life lived. I hope to have an impact on how beauty is defined. Every portrait I complete is a tiny step in the right direction.


Each character portrait shoot takes between 1-2 hours. First we sit and chat until I have a feel for who I'm shooting and then, and only then, do I shoot. I use only available light so we can meet in your home or at your favourite cafe, wherever you feel most comfortable, provided the light is good. Don't worry about that right now, we can sort out those details later.

€185 including 5-7 individually edited high resolution digital images and 1 matted but unframed Hahnemühle fine art print 20cm x 30cm. 

Want to book a session or talk to me about it? Mail me, right now...

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