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Alex Frederickson

I was born in England to German speaking parents and all my life I have driven my family, my teachers and my bosses crazy by asking "Why?" and "What happens if I do this instead of that?" It's why I'm self-employed, after being a nurse (which I loved for the patients but not the environment) and having frustrated failed attempts at working in offices. It's also why artistic and authentic life photography are so fascinating to me. 

I'm hearing impaired and have ADHD, so the way I view the world has always been a little different. What's great is finally realising that I can embrace all this as a kind of superpower instead of an encumbrance. Yay!

I live in the Austrian mountains, surrounded by forests, but have never quite fallen in love with landscape photography. I spent some considerable time searching for a different way to portray the forests I adore and found it in Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). When privacy laws here in Europe restricted my love of photographing recognisable strangers, I simply adapted. I moved over to capturing street scenes artistically too, via Multiple Exposure (ME) as well as ICM and shifted from faces to hands and feet to tell my stories. This weird and wonderful way of depicting the world may have begun out of necessity, but it has become my greatest love and my creative home, allowing me to express how a scene feels to me in any given moment and doing my best to create meaningful and one-of-a-kind photographic works.

Life photography always has people front and centre. As a former psychiatric nurse, real life with no contrivance is so necessary for me. When I'm photographing candidly, my subjects remain as anonymous as I can make them and when shooting character portraits, families or weddings, this is always done with no posing and simply by letting the subject show me who they are. The best and most precious moments in life are the real ones, so why should we depict them with fake smiles and poses?

I do hope you enjoy browsing my galleries and should you be interested in learning more about me, my work or buying a limited edition print for your home, office or hotel, please simply reach out. The life of a creative is both beautiful and invigorating but can also be brutal and rather lonely, so I would be delighted to hear from you.











My Photography Gear

I have been photographing with Fujifilm cameras and lenses since photography found me seven years ago and feel there could be no better tool for the work I do. I began with the X-T2 model and currently shoot with both the X-T4 and the incredible X-Pro3, which has become an extension of my creative self and accompanies me everywhere I go. My current preferred set up for ICM and Life Photography is the X-Pro3 with Fujifilm XF35mm f1.4 along with the XF50mm f2.0 and for multiple exposure excursions, I use the X-T4 with the wonderful XF16-55mm f2.8 because it gives me more options. Attached to my X-Pro3 I have a very beautifully made 90cm leather camera strap from Hyperion Handmade camera straps. It's super light and very comfortable. I keep my editing simple so Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed are my go to tools. 

Fun Facts :

  • I have a spanish podenco rescue dog called Billy.

  • I'm a Leo.

  • I used to be a personal fitness trainer and have run 5 marathons.

  • I'm a qualified mountain bike guide and have a terrible sense of direction!

  • I love rain, beer and kindness and dislike snow, reality TV and indifference.

  • My favourite film is Seven.

  • My favourite song is For Crying Out Loud by Meatloaf.

  • I sing everywhere, even though my voice is awful!

  • I have written 2 books and am working on a third.

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