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My Art

I was a writer taking photos to accompany magazine articles, when disaster struck and photography saved me from the abyss. It became my therapy as I worked to recover my equilibrium and later, my job, but it took several years before I discovered and became obsessed with my camera's artistic capabilities and a whole other way to portray our beautiful world and those who share it.

Making photos in this way is both stimulating and relaxing as I wander through the forest or a beautiful city, my eyes and mind in tune with both how I'm feeling and my surroundings. I'm constantly looking for beautiful compositions, light, colour and movement and before I even raise the camera to my eye, I'm smiling as I imagine the image I am hoping for. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but we must dare to fail in order to succeed.  


I'm 56 years young and it's taken me an age to reach the point where I finally feel I'm where I'm supposed to be. But, I'm here, and as of January 1st 2023, I'm doing what I love full-time and really looking forward to sharing my creative journey and my one-of-a-kind pictures with you. 

Whether you're here to browse, buy a print, learn about me and my work, or talk to me about a workshop or a commission, I do hope you enjoy your visit. I'm very receptive to emails and love to chat, so please just reach out anytime. 


A photograph can be so much more than the physical reproduction of a scene.

I love to use my camera as a paintbrush to make a scene sing, to make a scene dance.

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